Data protection notice

When visiting our websites, we do not require any personal data. We will merely learn the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you visit us and the individual pages you visit on our site. As we are constantly striving to improve the services we offer, the general data mentioned above will be evaluated for statistical purposes.
Should you wish to make use of certain services, normally only the data required to provide these services will be collected.

If we are asking you for further data, providing this information is purely voluntary. The processing of personal data will be carried out solely to provide the services requested and for the protection of the company’s own legitimate business interests. Your personal data will not be disclosed, passed on, sold, or marketed in any other way to other companies or institutions, unless we have your express declaration of consent.
This will apply unless a situation occurs where we are obliged by law or adjudication to disclose and communicate the data. We reserve the right to alter this declaration at any time. It constitutes neither any contractual nor other procedural law with regard to, or on behalf of any party.

Questions about data security

Should you have any other questions about the use of your personal data to which you could not find an answer on our site, please send an e-mail to info(a) and we will be pleased to help you.