Corpuls gets a new face, maybe yours?

Some people focus their life on saving the lives of others. It’s their job. These are exactly the people for whom we have developed the corpuls products. It’s our job. Now we want to show these people. And tell their stories. We want to get in touch with all the people who stimulate our products every single day to top performance, via new online- and print media. You want to join? Please contact us here.


We don’t just want to show you more about the benefits our technology is able to deliver from now on but, above all, what impulses lead to the ideas and innovations required for this. And the core impulse since day one has been the human factor. Those people who use corpuls. Those people who invest their heart and soul with us and our partners for the development, production and distribution of the most worthwhile medical technology every day. Those people whose lives can be saved with the aid of corpuls. And finally, you, the person we would like to choose corpuls every time and who trusts in corpuls.

Now, with a new image, a new level of service and various new opportunities for dialogue, we want to give this philosophy a new face. Best of all, your face because you are the starting point for our success. At the same time, quite consciously, we don’t want to follow the inflationary marketing trend within the industry and transform our target groups into stereotyped brightly-polished heroes from the photo catalogue. Because genuine rescue workers don’t view themselves as heroes. They do their job. Because they love it and they experience it. Those who take on the sweat, the struggle, the pressure, all the risks and extremes of emergency and intensive care medicine don’t do it for the show. For the genuine rescue workers, it’s a matter of the heart. For us too.

You are our role model

How does one actually produce all these ideas that led to the innovations and revolutions of our products? Quite simple: You look and take care, what people need. Well, more than 35 years of research, development and international experience certainly also helped. But if we always want to know, what you exactly need, we need to know you as well. This is the basis of our new world of communications. Just participate here.


The Slogan: “I AM NO HERO – IT’S MY JOB” is really courageous – and authentic. A considerable number of former and volunteer rescue workers also work for us. So we are aware that authentic rescue workers would rather save lives than pose. The same goes for us.

We show the genuine people all about our product. And its job. Just like it is: sometimes hard, sometimes dirty, always human, always genuine. We’d like to learn even more about you and the particular demands of your everyday work by means of even more dialogue and show it by incorporating only genuine testimonials in our communication. For that reason, we will invite you to exchange experiences with us and with colleagues from across the world via a various media in the future.

The essentials haven’t changed: Even if there have been cosmetic and material changes, the technological thrust is still what has successfully provided a large number of innovations, evolutions and revolutions within intensive care and emergency medicine for 30 years: intelligent, robust, convenient, independent and ergonomic medical technology, Made in Germany. And the main responsible person you – Our role model.

Your story is our impuls

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, whether in hospital or in research and development or production of intelligent medical technology: In this exceptional job – with or without corpuls – they all experience thousands of breathtaking stories about life every day: triumphs, tragedies, experiences, human, technical, mundane, funny, astonishing, exciting. We would be delighted to use these stories for our communication and to publish some via new online and print media. Here you can participate.


At the same time, we would like to make “stars” out of some of the faces associated with the stories in our media as ambassadors for our philosophy.

corpuls® is utilised around the world under the most varied geographical, meteorological, specialised and technical conditions. And it must and wants to fulfil each and every one of these different requirements and liabilities with exactly the right technology.

No wonder this diversity is given more room in our communication now. We’ll show you the everyday and the most extreme fields of use and let the real protagonists have their say. Whether it’s a research station in Antarctica, an oil rig off the coast of Norway, an ambulance station in Indonesia or a hospital in the Alps, we want to take you virtually to the most exciting places in our range of operations and introduce you to the people who do things similarly to the way you do, and then again, differently.

HERE you can tell us your story.

Your daily routine defines our product

It all began in a basement workshop. Günter Stemple had set himself the goal of revolutionising the German market with an entirely innovative portable defibrillator while the children were playing on the floor above. The basement workshop became a global technology company and some of the children playing became its well-trained executives.


The family’s influence, which still controls the the company’s fate and new challenges, can be seen and felt throughout the firm. Certainly most easily in our products, in the details of which you can clearly see that here, people have developed solutions with heart and mind for the individual requirements of other people. You can only do that if you understand what it comes down to.

And understanding comes from knowing. That’s why we always want to know in as much detail as possible what you need and what you want. For this, we have to get to know you. With the new corpuls® world of communication, we want to get to know you even better. Talk to us. We’re listening.

corpuls3 – monitor / patientbox/ defibrillator
corpuls1 – Defibrillator / monitoringsystem
corpuls cpr – mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation
corpuls.web LIVE – Telemetry for EMS

Boundless willigness

For over 35 years, corpuls® has developed and produced innovative high-end equipment for emergency and intensive care medicine. Since then, over 200 hearts in our headquarters in Kaufering have each beat around 50,000 times every working day for the high aspirations of rescue workers from over 60 countries across the world.


corpuls defibrillators, patient monitoring systems and thoracic compression devices have set the standard since day one in the realisation of the most advanced insights in medical science, as well as in terms of innovation and ergonomics and so guarantee reliable and trusted aid in the struggle for the preservation of human lives.

The long-standing deployment of the equipment under the most difficult conditions and tens of thousands of satisfied customers are the best evidence of the success of the route we have taken and are the daily motivation for our team.

Whether it’s in the Arctic ice or in the Australian outback, in the air, on top of a mountain or on the open sea – our equipment helps rescuers to save lives around the world every day. We’re proud of that. Looking back, that’s definitely a reason to smile.

Be the leading role

In future we want to show only genuine people and genuine stories about the real world of rescue workers – therefore we need your input. Tell us your personal story, your experience, your opinion, your initiative from the world of intensive care and emergency medicine – here on our campaing-page and/or our Facebookpage. Our editorial staff will publish the exciting stories and photos on the various channels and on our magazine IMPULS. The most exciting submissions will be invited or visited for a professional photo and video shooting. Please fill in the form below. Just participate – and meet rescue workers and their stories from all around the world. Or become the testimonial of our next campaign. We look forward to you.

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