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More than 35 years in Defibrillator Expertise

1982: Foundation
GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH was founded in 1982 by Günter Stemple. The goal was to revolutionise the German market with a new type of portable defibrillators. The first generation of defibrillator/monitoring devices, the corpuls 200 and corpuls 300 laid the foundation for an extremely successful product philosophy.

1982: Innovation is of capital importance
The corpuls 200/300 was ahead of times, having the lightest weight on the market, but also showing an out of reach functionality and robustness at the same time. The specialisation in the preclinical field found its expression in a reliable power supply and a funcional on-board charging system for vehicle installation.

1984: Pioneers of telemedicine
Already in the year 1984 a one-lead ECG was successfully transferred from a cargo vessel around the globe to Germany. Just imagine: This happened at a time nobody was talking about telemedicine.

1992: Next generation
After the extremely long-lasting and rugged corpuls 200 and corpuls 300 units, the next generation was introduced in the year 1992. The corpuls 08/16 was a functional "trend-setter" and stood out against all available units on the market, being the first preclinical device offering a full simultaneous 12-lead ECG, easy to upgrade with options like SpO2, NIBP, CO2, 2 x IBP und TEMP.

1995: Awarded design
The corpuls 08/16 was rewarded for its functional design with the designer prize "Industry Forum Design Top Ten Hanover".

2007: Modularity as innovation
The 'next generation' has been presented to the public on the world forum for medicine MEDICA 2005. Ever since the innovative technlogy of corpuls3 has once again benchmarked the medical technology of the emergency medical services (EMS). The corpuls® defibrillator/monitoring systems are always associated with innovative technology, product reliability and high medical demand...

2011: Handy and multifunctional
In 2011 the compact corpuls1 was presented as life-saving defibrillator/patient monitor especifically developed to meet the requirements of fire fighters, first responders, patient transports and emergency management.

2012: Modularity made easy
With the second generation of corpuls3 and its new defibrillator module SLIM, operating in EMS is even easier due to the reduced weight.

2012: Telemetry in Emergency Medicine
The browser-based application corpulsweb LIVE has been optimizing the collaboration between emergency rescue services and specialists in clinics since 2012.

2015: Compression without compromise
Founded in 2015, the corpuls cpr established a unique generation of thorax compression devices for emergency rescue services and clinics, that ensure the fastest possible patient care.


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Imagebrochure corpuls DE
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Imagebrochure corpuls EN

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