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Company Profile

The company GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH was founded in 1982 by the Managing Director and proprietor Günter Stemple. The GS mission ever was (and still is) to design and engineer innovative products, rugged and suitable for preclinical cardiotherapy treatment.

The company is located in Kaufering/Bavaria. The world-wide distribution is outsourced and based on independent external companies. In its home office both development and production of the corpuls equipment is carried out.

Even in times of globalisation and cost pressure GS focuses on highly trained engineers and quality “made in Germany”.We don’t leave something to chance! Each unit is examined thoroughly before leaving our factory. Every single employee of our company stands up for that.

The basic rules of our corporate philosophy

We live in a world of continuous changes, which happen much faster today than in the past, and most probably with even higher cycles in future. Globalising markets, vanishing borders, and shorter product cycles are only some of them that have an impact on our daily (business) life.

In these times, it is inevitable to face these new challenges, in order to learn, to develop and to respond more flexible. This requires every single employee as well as the whole organisation to act accordingly. Only if we bundle all our potentials we’ll achieve our goals by creating innovative and unique products with the highest possible quality and the potential to support a sustainable business growth.

We, as an enterprise, shall act as a responsible member of our society. Our daily challenge is to create products, which save people’s lives. We care. That’s why we live-for-people.

This is our mission – our principles are based on this demand. This is the base for each single GS employee and it is shown in our daily work.

Company Guidelines


We care about highest product quality and product reliability

Patients and ems services rely on their equipment during operations. Our demand for highest possible standards is your safety.


We care about confidence.

A fair cooperation and attentiveness as well as reliability towards our customers, suppliers and colleagues, but also towards our own partner and family, is the basis for our entrepreneurial success. We act in this spirit.


We have a lot of courage to realise visions and staying power to develop new products.

Innovation and realisation of the technical “apparently impossible” have always characterised our company. To reach the readiness for marketing courage and persistence are necessary. Being the innovation leader is our daily goal, thus enabling us to maintain our hold on the market.


We focus on self-propelling sustained economic growth.

GS Elektromedizinische Geräte GmbH is solely self-financed from own sources. It is our aim to maintain this economic independence in order to maintain our high level of flexibility. Only then we are able to be fully responsive to the quickly changing market conditions at any time. For the benefit of our patients and customers!


We concentrate on our strengths.

In the past 35 years GS development has made an important contribution in improving the defibrillation technology and patient monitoring. This is our main focus.


We care and take over responsibility, socially as well as ecologically.

A company has to take over a special responsibility in society, socially as well as ecologically. We are fully aware about our obligations in this regard. They influence not only our strategy but also our operative decisions.


We take responsibility for a reliable corporate culture and medical technology “made in Germany”.

GS Elektromedizinische Geräte GmbH looks back at more than 35 years of successful work in the medical field. Today the company is represented in over 60 countries world-wide. Our home however is and will always be in Germany.

Medical Technology Made in Germany Logo

Product philosophy

The essential aspect in the product philosophy is to be found in every single part the product range of GS Elektromed. Geräte G. Stemple GmbH: Highest possible quality, paired with reliability and ruggedness of each manufactured defibrillator/ patient monitoring systems in order to meet the special requirements in the Emergency Medical markets.
Already in the design phase, GS development ensures that future corpuls hard- and software updates are easy upgradable. Without them having to purchase a new device, they may update their corpuls defibrillator and patient monitoring system to the latest state-of-the-art, at any time.
To achieve this without any negative effects on costs and aestetics has been demonstrated more than successfully by GS in the past.
The inovativeness of corpuls products was several times awarded, e.g. with the nomination of corpuls3 as winner in the category medical technology of INDUSTRIEPREIS 2011, the nomination as finalist of the German Innovationspreis 2012 in category medium-sized-business, the nomination as finalist in two categories of the MEDTEC Europe award 2012 and as “Selected Landmark” in the “Germany Land of Ideas” competition.
Furthermore the corpuls 08/16 was awarded in 1995 with the “Industry Forum Design” prize by the if-design foundation of Hannover, Germany.


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Imagebrochure corpuls DE
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