corpuls aed – don’t call it PAD.

The AED. Reinvented by corpuls.

The Bavarian innovation hub corpuls has two world-renowned universal defibrillators in its range: the corpuls1 and the corpuls3. But the market wants more; or rather, less. In many cases, medical services, home care workers, first responders, fire brigades and clinics do not need all the features that other professionals, such as emergency physicians, cannot do without. For these qualified first responders, a defibrillator that is as reliable, autonomous and easy-to-operate as possible is ideal. And now there is finally one available: a smart addition to the rescue chain featuring the well-known corpuls quality (product page).

The corpuls aed: Reduced to the max

The corpuls aed is fully-automatic and has just one button: the power button. The electronics take care of everything else, providing the user with easy-to-understand pictograms on the large and clear display. In addition, audio instructions are available via the voice output; the language for this can be selected when the device is ordered.

More help for helpers: The GSM emergency call function

The corpuls aed is optionally equipped with a hands-free telephone system, which can be used at the beginning of the resuscitation to send an emergency call to a stored number and, for example, to request assistance from the dispatcher via telephone, should the worst come to the worst.

In the semi-automatic variant of the corpuls aed, up to three numbers can be stored – selection is made via the three buttons next to the display. This means that a first aider not only receives professional help, but also keeps both hands free for assistance.

Optional gibt es den corpuls aed mit Telefon-Freisprecheinrichtung

Trust is not enough: More control with the corpuls.web MANAGER

All variants contain a WiFi interface with which the corpuls aed can be configured, supplied with software updates and maintained. And if the maintenance is expected to be carried out during everyday operation, the corpuls aed lets you know about any upcoming maintenance requirements without having to do anything. This ensures that the corpuls aed is always ready for use. Of course, this also works with multiple devices.

After use, all data relevant can be exported directly via the WiFi interface and analysed using corpuls.web REVIEW. Ideal for the productive debriefing of rescue workers.

Safe, robust, light, simple and communicative: Ideal in the corpuls rescue chain

The corpuls aed is additionally IP66-certified, meaning it is dust and splash-proof, and weighs 1.9 kg. The battery lasts for up to five years (!) in standby mode and the entire device is approximately the size of a DIN A4 sheet (only a bit thicker at around six centimetres). This makes the corpuls aed a compact, reliable and extremely robust companion that fits in every backpack.

All this certainly makes the corpuls aed a device for everyone, but it shouldn’t just be seen as a public access defibrillator (short: PAD) for the use in underground stations or public buildings: it is fully compatible in the rescue chain with its big brothers corpuls1 and corpuls3 and with the corpuls.web product world. Both the corPatch easy electrodes and the corPatch CPR feedback sensor work with all other corpuls devices. This means that a patient needing resuscitation, and who has first been attended to with the corpuls aed, can be connected to one of the other devices without any time loss. A smooth and, above all, fast patient transfer is thus ensured, completely in line with the corpuls system philosophy.

This makes the corpuls aed a true corpuls.

(product page)

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