corpuls.mission CONFERENCE brings the exact expertise required to the treatment location – any time.

The success of a patient's treatment does not depend on individuals alone, but on the interaction of multiple specialists. corpuls.mission CONFERENCE brings the exact expertise required to the treatment location – any time. Within seconds – regional, national, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral. 


Successful telemedicine is more than just transferring medical data. The focus is the patient. All treatment-relevant information must flow together so that the optimum treatment can be initiated. This requires communication between various specialists within the rescue chain.

corpuls.mission CONFERENCE stands out from conventional means of communication through a revolutionary philosophy: The on-site rescuer must no longer contact individ-uals when in need of support, but rather “tactical units”. Instead of the rescuer phoning "Dr Smith" Cardiologist from "Any City Hospital" for example, they simply request a cardiologist via corpuls.mission CONFERENCE. Further specialist can be added if required. Thus, corpuls.mission CONFERENCE offers optimal and patient-oriented live advice from physicians or specialists via video, audio calls and chat. The first real communication solution for rescuers is made complete with the ability to send pictures, videos and voice messages.

The system really runs at peak performance in combination with corpuls.mission LIVE. Tele-medics and specialists providing further treatment can analyse all vital parameters, ECG data and trends. Fully integrated in a single, easy-to-use user interface. Whether as an App for smartphones and tablets or as a web application on large screens – the sys-tem adapts to the criteria of the user and not the other way around. The focus is on patient safety: only with such an integrated solution can patient mix-ups be completely ruled out.

* The transmission of data to corpuls.mission LIVE includes all available curves and vital signs of the corpuls3, excluded those of the corPatch CPR feedback sensor. These data are also not displayed in trends, Live-History and mission reports of corpuls.mission LIVE.

Resting ECGs, voice messages, chat and pictures of the mission site can be viewed at any time by all those involved in the conference – even if they join later.


The rescue service is structured differently in different regions. However, medical emergencies do not stop at city limits, and interregional communication is essential, es-pecially when it comes to telemedicine. With the tactical units concept, corpuls.mission can flexibly adapt to your circumstances.

A tactical unit is an organizational group of people involved in patient care. This could be an ambulance service, a tele-medical dispatch centre, a hospital or a poison control centre. Tactical units can be added to conferences and can communicate with each other. For this purpose, each user is assigned to a tactical unit and opts in it at the start of their shift. Several users can be assigned to a tactical unit at the same time, e.g. the EMT and paramedic in an ambulance. This means, missions can also be distributed between sever-al tele-medics by a dispatch centre.

In order that users only log into the tactical units they are authorized for, several tactical units can be combined in one organizational unit. For example, a critical care paramedic only has access to the ambulances from his own station. If users change organizational units frequently, this can be easily administered.

With this simple but ingenious concept, the possibilities of corpuls.mission CONFERENCE are almost limitless.


The prerequisite for successful telemedicine is the interlinking of all aspects: medical data, communication and documentation. With corpuls.mission you get a multimedia platform in which all information flows together. Right next to the chat and video conference, the corpuls3 live data is displayed in full. Patient data is continuously synchronized between the device and all the components of corpuls.mission. Resting ECGs automatically end up in the chat and can be opened and evaluated directly from there – on all end devices. When ECGmax is used, all 22 leads, the vectorloops and the CEB® are also included.

The complete process is always available to all conference participants. This means that specialists who are added later can get a complete overview. And if medical delegations are transmitted in the chat, these are also sent to corpuls3 as web messages – and are therefore documented in a legally secure manner.


In medicine, we treat patients – not the devices. A telemedicine solution must therefore fit seamlessly into the workflow and must not be disruptive. For this reason, with
corpuls.mission CONFERENCE you can always use the end devices that best suit the type of mission. For example, the smartphone in the ambulance, the tablet in the emergency physicians vehicle and the desktop PC in the telemedical dispatch centre.

The optional corpuls.mission chest harness can be used to keep your hands free to treat the patient. Adaptable and optimized for use with suitable smartphones, telemedicine
is becoming standard in emergency rescue. Tucked away in the chest harness, the smartphone camera provides the tele-medic with a perfect overview of what is happening without restricting the wearer. All the functions of the app are within reach.

With the corpuls.mission chest harness from PAX ®, the advantages of body cameras are combined with the flexibility of smartphones. Thus, optimally supporting telemedicine.


To optimally treat patients you may require not only one specialist, but multiple specialists whose cooperation is the key to successful treatment. The treatment can only be carried out in a target-oriented manner if everyone involved receives the necessary medical information at the right time. The patient’s course of treatment must be viewed in its entirety – and that goes far beyond emergency rescue.

With corpuls.mission CONFERENCE you have an intersectoral communication platform at your disposal, with which further treatment specialists can be networked in. Mobile nursing staff, general practitioners, specialists, assisted living or aged care are just a few examples in which communication can be positively influenced with
corpuls. mission CONFERENCE.


  • Audio/video conferencing between multiple tactical units
  • Multi-directional chat
  • Transfer of photos, videos, documents and audio recordings
  • Automatic transfer of ECGs as PDF to all end devices (with corpuls.mission LIVE)
  • Embedded live data of corpuls3 (with corpuls.mission LIVE)
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Browser application available everywhere without installation
  • Parallel handling of several telemedical missions at the same time
  • PDF report with all content and medical data
  • Optional storage of the audio/video conference for legal purposes
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