Corpuls extreme

corpuls extreme

In this category you can find the most spectacular and unusual places that corpuls products have been used. Whether it is extremely hot or freezing cold weather, on board a ship or in a helicopter high in the sky, at a university clinic or in a field hospital… our products are well prepared for any situation, no matter how extraordinary.

Diesel and dust – 2.500 kilometers of dust

“If you want to survive in the dunes you must follow the stinky camel droppings!” - “Eh?” Maurice could not shake off the feeling that the oddball from Denmark with his run-down Subaru was pulling his leg. But ...

corpuls rugged: special operation diving accident

The fascination of diving always involves a certain level of risk. Even experienced divers who have already been pursuing this sport for decades, either in their spare time or on a professional basis, and have ...

corpuls extreme: The Oil Platform

They are considered the most extreme workplaces right after space travel: oil platforms. Only astronauts are sitting on a comparable huge pile of explosives when a rocket is launched. While the rocket's fuel is...