Corpuls international

Corpuls international

Corpuls devices come from Kaufering in Bavaria, Germany. From there we send them into the whole wide world. And even if we send our high-end devices like the corpuls3 around half the globe, they always remain a part of us and we bear responsibility for them. For this reason, we are visiting our products in their partly exotic locations in order to find new ideas for how we can make corpuls even better for our users, far from our usual field of application. Join us on our journey around the globe inside corpuls international.

We are currently on the journey around the globe in order to find exciting stories from about 60 countries, where corpuls devices are on duty. Please come back later or let's become friends on Facebook, in order to to get notified about our latest articles inside the corpuls world.

“Aberhonddu in Cymru”

“Normans”. Fearfully, Arwyn gazes south towards Pen y Fan. Unmistakeably, a fire is burning up there on the summit of the region’s highest mountain. It’s a signal. A warning by his fellow countrymen to the inha...
Collage Iran Ambulance

Hospital in Iran: Saving a life is priceless

What comes first into your mind, when you think about Iran? Here might be something new: This is a story straight out of everyday day life in an Iranian hospital. Take a look behind the newspapers’ headlines ab...

India: A tongue-in-cheek travel guide for EMTs

India is beautiful, fascinating and somehow incomprehensible. Our general knowledge about the Republic of India, which emerged from a British colony in 1947, is mostly characterized by TV stereotypes. As typica...


How often do you promise something each day? And can you abide by all these promises? Sometimes the patients want to force doctors, nurses or EMTs to augur their recovery, just knowing that the answer might be ...
The White Helmets - Die weißen Helme

THE WHITE HELMETS – First Responders of Syria

Hundreds of bombs are dropped on Syria every day. The Arabian Republic is divided in several areas, whether controlled by governmental troops, or by one or more of the numerous rebels’ associations. The politic...