Corpuls gets a new face, maybe yours?

Some people focus their life on saving the lives of others. It’s their job. These are exactly the people for whom we have developed the corpuls products. It’s our job. Now we want to show these people. And tell their stories. We want to get in touch with all the people who stimulate our products every single day to top performance, via new online- and print media. You want to join? Please contact us here.

You are our role model

How does one actually produce all these ideas that led to the innovations and revolutions of our products? Quite simple: You look and take care, what people need. Well, more than 35 years of research, development and international experience certainly also helped. But if we always want to know, what you exactly need, we need to know you as well. This is the basis of our new world of communications. Just participate here.

Your story is our impuls

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, whether in hospital or in research and development or production of intelligent medical technology: In this exceptional job – with or without corpuls – they all experience thousands of breathtaking stories about life every day: triumphs, tragedies, experiences, human, technical, mundane, funny, astonishing, exciting. We would be delighted to use these stories for our communication and to publish some via new online and print media.

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