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Alarm app corhelper

An emergency with sudden heart failure does not announce itself - it simply happens. On the market, in the train or in front of the cinema. This is why it is even more important to weave a net with qualified first-aiders that can take life-saving measures in case of an emergency and sustain these until the emergency medical service arrives.

This is exactly what we want to achieve with the alarm app corhelper. Depending on the configuration, first-aiders in the vicinity are alerted simultaneously via the control centre software or manually via the web-based administration section.

The alerted "corhelpers" are navigated directly to the location by the app. In addition, the app also shows the message display as well as the status and location of the next AED. A second alerted reanimation aide is automatically navigated to this AED and then to the site of the emergency.

The corhelper app provides assistance with the reanimation procedure on site if required and allows you to create an incident log. In this context, the control centre is constantly informed about the progress of the assignment through direct responses of the app to the back end.

The clever time management of the corhelper app also ensures that you are only a "corhelper" when you want. Registration as a "corhelper" is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

More information?

On our website you can learn more about the product and the application areas.

Alarmierungsapp corhelper

Functions for first responders

  • Availability management
  • Alerting, including initial details, AED status and navigation
  • Support for resuscitation via app; optional phone connection to emergency doctor
  • Creating an incident log
  • Course and event information and industry news

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