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Telemetry in emergency medicine and pre hospital care

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of collected medical data. With a quick and professional treatment – starting already in the pre-hospital care – the survival rate of patients can be significantly increased.

Telemetry in Emergency Care

Medical data transmitted by the emergency medical service using the corpuls3 are already displayed live in the browser-based application corpuls.web LIVE. The early transmission of patient data from the scene gives the specialist in the hospital enough time and information to optimally prepare for the arriving patient.

scheme corpuls.web live

corpuls.web Icon Datenuebertragung am Einsatzort

Data transmission on the scene

corpuls.web Icon Weiterleitung ueber den Webservererver

Forwarding via corpuls.web LIVE Server

corpuls.web Icon Datenempfang im Browser

Data reception in the Browser or via E-Mail with possibility to answer

On scene

The EMS personnel arrives on the scene, performs a first examination of the patient and sends the data live to specialists in the hospital. Along with the Diagnostic-ECG, flagged events, patient data and all curves/vital parameters can be transmitted in realtime.

corpuls.web - Am Einsatzort
corpuls.web - In der Klinik

The receiving clinican

The specialist is able to get a first overview of the emergency situation with any compatible end device connected to the internet in hospital or at any other location.


Important information is transmitted to the hospital even before the arrival of the patient. Necessary preparations and precautions can be taken ahead of time. Simultaneously, the on site team can receive instructions and recommendations by the hospital clinicians.

corpuls.web connect Verbindung mit corpuls3
corpuls.web Datensicherheit Datenschutz Verschlüsselung

Data protection

The medical device certified application corpuls.web LIVE takes into consideration the comprehensive requirements in the area of data security:

  • Separate transmission of patient data and medical data to the server
  • Encryption of the patient data (128-bit AES
  • Verified SSL certificate in server-to-client transmission
  • Highest security standards due to the hosted server (ISO 27001)
  • 99.5% availability of server (extendable)

12 Lead diagnostic ECG/Livestreaming

While transmitting all curves and vital parameters the browser-based application corpuls.web LIVE offers some useful functions:

  • Editing the patient data of the mission
  • Display of all technical and physiological events recorded by corpuls3
  • Documentation of medical history, diagnosis and therapy recommendations
corpuls.web im Showroom mit Spiegelung Monitor User Interface
corpuls.web Vorschau EKG und Vitalparameter User Interface Display

Preview of all 12 leads of the diagnostic ECG including the vital parameters

corpuls.web Vorschau Ruhe-EKG Amplitude Dauer

Documented measurement of a selected lead of the 12 lead diagnostic ECG via amplitude and duration

corpuls.web Anzeige Kurven Vitalparameter

Display of curves and vital parameters transmitted in realtime from corpuls3

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