Telemetry - training - data management - device management

corpuls.web is the comprehensive and optimum software suite for corpuls devices. With the four members corpuls.web LIVE, corpuls.web REVIEW, corpuls.web ANALYSE and corpuls.web MANAGER, assignments become limitless with respect to space and time, even more efficient, controlled and effective.

corpuls.web LIVE

corpuls.web LIVE

The optimum telemetry by the telemedicine pioneer - corpuls.web LIVE enables the exchange of vital parameters, data and messages from anywhere to everywhere.

corpuls.web REVIEW

corpuls.web Review

How did the team operate in the assignment? Is there a need for training? corpuls.web REVIEW has the answer to this and other questions.

corpuls.web ANALYSE

corpuls.web Analyse

The data of all your assignments. In one place. Can be filtered and analysed at wish and also anonymised if required. Whether in research or administration - corpuls.web ANALYSE provides optimum management of large data volumes.

corpuls.web MANAGER

corpuls.web Manager

Many devices, one interface. When using several corpuls AED, the corpuls.web MANAGER is your ideal partner. Status reports, software updates and configuration of and for all devices from one location.

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