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The server and data management solution corpuls.web ANALYSE centrally and automatically manages all data from your corpuls equipment fleet – ideal for research and controlling.

Our server and data management solution corpuls.web ANALYSE delivers the "big picture" It is the analyst in the corpuls.web family. Here, all data from your corpuls device fleet is automatically uploaded and stored centrally. Giving you the possibility to collect and analyse data from all your missions. In addition to quality management, corpuls.web ANALYSE is also an ideal data collection tool for medical research projects.

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As an add-on to corpuls.web ANALYSE, a business intelligence solution is also available. With 15 preconfigured dashboards, the mission data from a ANALYSE database can be graphically evaluated. There are extensive and easy-to-use filter functions available, so that each user can answer individual questions and find out special features in the data.


An overview

  • Management and analysis of all missions
  • Extensive filtering options
  • Automatic upload of data from corpuls devices
  • Use of the browser-based application on any internet enabled device
  • Ideal for quality management and research

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