corpuls.web LIVE

With the telemedicine application corpuls.web LIVE you can virtually connect the physician to the mission site within fractions of a second, no matter how far away the mission site is from the hospital.

With corpuls.web LIVE, the specialist in the clinic knows the status of the patient even before the patient arrives in the emergency department. The interaction of corpuls3 and corpuls.web LIVE allows the physician in the clinic to see all the curves and parameters that the corpuls3 is recording from the patient in realtime, even during the mission. So early preparation in the hospital for the respective emergency and significant reduction of the „door to balloon“ time is possible. And to an extent that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

corpuls.web procedure

But, communication is not a one-way street: Direct instructions, such as medication recommendations, can be sent to the
team in the field via WebMessages. This saves scarce resources. The basic requirement for corpuls.web LIVE is provided by the corpuls3 on request ex factory with a mobile modem according to UMTS standard (with SIM Card on request) and/or a Wi-Fi interface.

An overview

  • Certified Medical Product
  • Transmission of all curves, vital parameters and 12-lead diagnostic ECG in real time
  • Representation, measurement and transmission of 12-lead diagnostic ECG in real time in various formats (e.g. PDF, SCP)
  • Browser based application
  • Reduces "door to balloon time" by up to 30%
  • Saves scarce resources through early action and recommendations
  • Recording of the curves and vital parameters of the current mission
  • Communication between the team in the field and the clinic
  • Separate transfer of patient data and medical data to the server
  • Encryption of patient data (128-Bit AES encryption)
  • Verified SSL/TLS certificate in server-to-client transmission
  • Highest security standards through the hosted server (ISO 27001)
  • 99.5% failure safety of server (extendable)

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