The power of the corpuls3 on your wrist

The corpuls control is a revolutionary add-on product for our corpuls3. It is also our first step into the world of mobile applications. The idea behind it: it is not always possible for rescuers to work on a patient without endangering themselves. For example, during a mission in an ambulance or during a turbulent rescue flight, there is always the danger that the rescue personnel could lose their  balance. A fall can have dire consequences for both the rescue personnel and the patient. It is safer for the rescue personnel when they are strapped into their seats. But then the patient monitor may not be in reach. The solution corpuls control



The corpuls control is the corpuls3 monitor shrunk and attached to your wrist. Just like its big brother, it shows a variety of vital parameters and alarms. These can be deactivated via corpuls control on the corpuls3. The corpuls control can easily be worn over a jacket or overalls. The brilliant 240×432 pixel TFT multi-touch display can be operated with latex gloves.


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