Tell-my-Story Conditions of Participation

1. Participation

a) All persons of adult age are entitled to participate. Minors require consent of their legal guardian(s) in order to participate, unless this is expressly prohibited. Employees of GS Elektromedizinische Geräte GmbH and their family members are excluded from participation. Participation via electronic application systems or “collection service providers” will not be taken into consideration.

b) A person takes part in “Tell-my-story-at-corpuls” by entering his/her own story in the text field at, uploading a picture of himself/herself and completely filling out the application form and sending it to GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH by clicking the “Participate” button. Each story sent in will grant entitlement to participate; multiple participation is possible without restriction.
GS reserves the right to publish a selection of the stories and is entitled to publish the stories submitted.

c) The personal data requested are only collected for the exclusive purpose of conducting the campaign. The data will not be transferred to third parties. All data will only be saved for the purpose and duration of the campaign and will be deleted once the event is over, unless there are any statutory retention requirements.

d) For the time being, the campaign will run until 11:59 PM German time on 31 December 2016. It will no longer be possible to send in the electronic participation form after this time. Receipt of the relevant dataset will be electronically logged for monitoring and deadline adherence purposes. The participant assumes sole responsibility for the correctness of the contact information specified, in particular his/her E-mail and/or post address.

e) By accepting the conditions of participation, uploading his/her story and photograph, the participant assures that he/she is the creator of the story and image submitted and has the usage rights and ancillary copyrights to all image elements submitted. He/she furthermore assures that the portrayal of persons does not violate any personal rights. In addition, the person recognisably depicted on an image must consent to the publication of said image. The participant assures that he/she has been granted all necessary rights to use and transfer. The participant assures that the image does not violate any applicable law or result in any other objections. The participant is not entitled to upload photos with inappropriate content. Content which glorifies violence or is racist, politically extreme, pornographic, discriminatory, abusive or otherwise offensive in nature is not permitted. The participant furthermore assures that no clearly recognisable depictions of copyrighted works, trademarks or labels are used in his/her images. Uploading photos of such nature may result in disqualification from the campaign.

2. Performance and processing

a) A jury will select the most interesting and exciting of all the stories sent in. The jury is made up of GS employees. The chance of the individual participant’s story being published thus depends largely on how convincing and realistic the story is.

b) Some of the stories will be published regularly on our Facebook page and the campaign page

c) In addition, stories will be prepared for print media in coordination with the participant.

d) The participant is not entitled to publish his/her own story.

e) No payment will be made for the story.

f) By participating, the participant grants his/her consent that, in the event his/her story is selected, the first name specified upon participation, the first letter of the surname and the place of residence specified may be published on the homepage of GS and/or on the official Facebook fan page of GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH. By uploading his/her story and images, the participant transfers all usage rights to his/her story and image submitted which are necessary for participation in the campaign to GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH with no restrictions regarding time and place.

g) Participation in the campaign is free of charge, with the exception of any transmission expenses incurred based on your mobile phone or internet provider’s tariff. There are no hidden consequential costs.

3. Other provisions

a) GS and the agency involved assume no liability for any loss of data, in particular via data transmission, nor for any other technical defects.

b) GS reserves the right to disqualify participants due to false statements, tampering or the use of impermissible resources.

c) Legal recourse is excluded.

d) The sole applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

e) Should any of these individual provisions be or become invalid, the validity of the other conditions of participation will not be affected by this.

f) GS may change these conditions of participation at any time without giving special notice.