The resuscitation manikin for your simulation training

Ready for eddy?

EDDY: Hol mich in deinem Team!

Connect me with your corpuls simulation and together we will get even more out of every simulation training. 

I automatically integrate myself into every training routine and I’m always ready to go, especially for invasive measures and resuscitation. It doesn’t matter whether you want to resuscitate me manually or mechanically. 

This means we can work through all emergency and intensive care medicine scenarios. Level by level and wherever you want – pack me in my trolley and take me anywhere for training.

EDDY, your new Education Buddy


CPR Manikin corpuls EDDY

EDDY Specs
  • Real-time CPR feedback including hand position control
  • Automatic carotid pulse synchronised with ECG/pulse
  • Live ECG artifacts through chest compressions
  • Realistic airway for nasal and oral intubation using ET or SGA
  • Ventilation via bag valve mask or tube
  • Realistic rise and fall of chest
  • Airway obstruction (hyperextension, Esmarch manoeuvre)
  • Esophageal intubation and gastric insufflation
  • Live CO2 display of ventilations
  • Possibility for i.v/i.o. access
  • Wearing corpuls branded clothing
  • corpuls transport trolley


CPR Manikin corpuls EDDY

EDDY Bestandteile


  • ALS resuscitation manikin
  • Quick Start Guide
  • WLAN router
  • Charger
  • Lubricant
  • Luer connection for drainage bag
  • Spare parts for i.v./i.o. access


  • 175 x 59 x 30 cm


  • 15.9 kg


  • 8-10 Hours
corpuls simulation

corpuls simulation

EDDY is the best fit for corpuls simulation. He is particularly useful when it is no longer practical to train on a human. No matter how painful the measures are that rescuers want to practice - EDDY is always there. Together with corpuls simulation, they are an unbeatable duo. The result is a team that is well prepared for every scenario and a significantly better quality of care for the patient.

EDDY Ghettoblaster

Connect with me!

Do you want to get to know me better? Do you want to know what more I can do, or what makes me tick? Write to me and find out more.

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