Handy, small and versatile

Small, light and compact but with the power of its big brother corpuls3. The corpuls1 was specially developed for the requirements of the fire brigade, first responders, in transport ambulances, doctors' offices and in disaster control. An extremely compact but full-fledged defibrillator/patient monitor that is always used when size does matter.



Up to 3 curves and 4 vital parameters at a glance on the 5.7" display. The same intuitive user interface as that of the corpuls3 ensures easy operation. Always in view: ECG, heart frequency and pulse oximetry.

corpuls1 patient monitoring


Depending on the application, you can use the corpuls1 as an automated external defibrillator (AED) or as a manual defibrillator.

corpuls1 resuscitation


The corpuls1 optionally features an integrated defibrillator with FIX/DEMAND modi for the treatment of arrhythmia.

corpuls1 pacer at the clinic


The integrated pulse oximeter (optional) allows monitoring of the oxygen saturation, pulse frequency and plethysmogram.

corpuls1 pulse oximetry

Full compatibility

Seconds count when responding to an emergency call. This is why we made sure that the transfer of the patient from the first responder to the emergency service for further treatment takes place as fast and smooth as possible. Just like with all corpuls defibrillators, the electrodes, sensors and cables of the corpuls1 can also be used with the corpuls3.

corpuls1 First responder

SPCO measurement

Not only the patient's life is at stake during an emergency call - the rescuers themselves must also be protected. This is why the corpuls1 is optimally equipped with SpCO measurement. Possible carbon monoxide poisoning can be easily detected at an early stage, for example in fire fighters after a fire fight.

corpuls1 spot measurement SpCO




  • Dust and water jet protected according to IP55
  • Vibration and impact-tested according to DIN EN 1789
  • Alarm indicator, loudspeaker
  • Voice recording
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 12 V DC power supply, 100 to 250 V AC with mains adapter
  • Data management via SD® memory card

2.2 kg
Basic equipment incl. battery

Operating temperatures
-20 °C to +55 °C
Basic functions: ECG monitoring, defibrillation

17 cm (L) × 26 cm (W) × 7 cm (D)


  • Automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Manual defibrillator
  • Cardio version
  • Pacemaker with 2 modes (FIX, DEMAND) (optional)

corpuls1 defibrillator / pacemaker


  • 5.7" colour display, backlit
  • Display of up to 3 curves and up to 4 vital parameters
  • 6-channel ECG
  • Masimo® Rainbow® SET for SpO2, PP, PI, SpCO, SpMet, and SpHb (optional)

corpuls1 patient monitoring system


Sophisticated energy management

The powerful lithium-ion battery reliably supplies the corpuls1 with the required energy – for a very long time and even at -20°C. The remaining battery time is always indicated on the display.

corpuls1 energy management

Sturdy bags

The cables, sensors and accessories of the corpuls1 are stored safely and ready at hand in the side bags. The cables do not have to be connected and disconnected for use because they are already connected in the bags. The corPatch therapy electrodes that are connected ready for use are located in the front bag with its magnetic lock.

corpuls1 stable bags

Compatibility with corpuls3

  • Batteries, sensors, corPatch electrodes and cables are identical for fast transfer of patients
  • The uniform user interface for corpuls1 and corpuls3 allows intuitive operation
  • Evaluations are possible in corpuls.manager REVIEW for both systems
corpuls1 compatibility with corpuls3

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