corpuls simulation

Train how you fight – for lives.


If you want to be among the best, you need the best training.

corpuls simulation

Previous training methods have focused on learning a technique through repetition. However, there is often a large gap between theoretical scenarios and the actual “fight” for a human life. With corpuls simulation we bring 100% realistic scenarios to your training.
Just as pilots training in a flight simulator are thrown surprise complications, lifesavers training with corpuls simulation have to overcome unforeseen situations.
This, as well as the exact replication of all corpuls defibrillators, creates an incomparably realistic training situation. The result is a team that is optimally prepared for every scenario and therefore, a significantly better quality of care for the patient.


  • All the functions of the original device
  • Realistic parameters and curves
  • Safe training
  • Scenario editor
  • Simulation consumables
  • Original accessories
  • The latest device software for the respective medical products
  • Multiple languages available
  • corpuls simulation COMMUNITY
  • Bluetooth connection to corpuls cpr
corpuls simulation instructor ipad

The instructor controls the values and parameters via the Instructor iPad.


With corpuls simulation you can simulate all four corpuls defibrillators in one system using the same hardware.

corpuls aed
corpuls c3t



  • High quality hard case
  • Accessory bags on the device (left, right, rear side)
  • Transport bag with shoulder strap
  • Monitoring ECG cable (ERC/AHA)
  • Diagnostic ECG cable (ERC/AHA)
  • SpO2 sensor
  • corpuls NIBP cuff (with hose) in different sizes
  • etCO2 sensor
  • Master cable for corPatch simulation training electrodes
  • Reusable corPatch simulation training electrodes
  • Power bank
  • WLAN access point and Bluetooth gateway (single-board computer)
  • USB multi-charger
  • Colour coded case for Instructor iPad


  • With accessory bags (left, right, rear side):
    540 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm
    (W x H x D)


  • Device with Apple iPad Pro and Instructor iPad in transport bag
    with shoulder strap: 6.4 kg
  • Device with Apple iPad Pro and Instructor iPad: 5.0 kg


ca. 10 hours plus power bank capacity


Leaned on the original with the same care as the simulator itself: The accessories from corpuls simulation. Authentic NIBD cuffs with hose and reusable corPatch simulation training electrodes. All packed in a robust bag by PAX, which would also make a good travel bag.

simulation accessoires
  • Residue-free removal of the reusable corPatch simulation training electrodes with optimal adhesion to PVC torso
  • Realistic haptics of the original medical product (but clear differentiation)
  • Robust and practical transport bag with plenty of storage space for further training materials

corpuls simulation COMMUNITY


Knowledge is the only resource that increases when you share it – the basic principle of the corpuls simulation COMMUNITY. It is precisely for this reason that we place so much value on networking and offering space to exchange ideas.

  • Share simulation scenarios
  • Exchange experiences
  • Designing training concepts together
corpuls simulation training


Brochure corpuls simulation (EN)

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