corpuls aed

Handy, sturdy and intuitive

The corpuls aed is the first device in the corpuls rescue chain. Depending on the equipment variant, the corpuls aed is available as a fully or semi-automated device and optionally features an integrated emergency call function. This way, the corpuls aed can transmit the emergency call directly and just in time so that the coordinator of the rescue services can provide reanimation instructions over the phone. With self-explanatory pictograms and voice instructions, the corpuls aed safely guides professional users and laypersons through optimum and guideline-conform reanimation.


Ready to use – whenever necessary

With its low weight and the compact dimensions, the corpuls aed is the ideal supplement for any emergency equipment. The long standby time of up to 5 years (depending on the setting) and the automatic self-tests guarantee safe use.

corpuls aed ready for action whenever it´s needed

Hands-free function

The new corpuls aed optionally features an integrated emergency call function. It allows the first responder to request additional assistance by phone at the start of the reanimation. This is a major relief for first responders who are alone at the site. In addition, the dispatcher can assist with the reanimation on the phone and obtain valuable information for the arriving rescue services.

corpuls aed speakerphone function

Support for first responders

The corPatch CPR* feedback sensor is stuck onto the pressure point and measures the pressure frequency and depth. The quality of the compressions is displayed on the monitor (depending on equipment) and kept constantly strong through voice instructions. The integrated configurable smartMetronom provides the right rhythm and indicates respiration breaks.

corPatch CPR feedback sensor

Central management and easy evaluation

Several corpuls aed can be easily and centrally managed via our corpuls.manager ADMIN software solution. This way, the device status can be comfortably requested via WLAN and software updates can be imported. The configurations can also be changed with just a few clicks. In addition, response data can be quickly exported to corpuls.manager REVIEW for further analysis.

corpuls aed centrally management of multiple devices


corpuls aed


  • Protection against dust and strong jets of water according to IP66
  • Vibration and impact-tested according to DIN EN1789
  • RTCA DO 160 G – sections: Aviation license (selected sections)
  • GSM emergency call with speaker phone function (optional)
  • Loudspeaker and microphone
  • Voice recording
  • Lithium-metal battery
  • 5 years of standby time
  • Operation time CPR-only mode (monitoring without plugged in accessories): 15 hours
  • Operation time AED mode (normal operation 30:2): 4h, 50m
  • When fully charged, 219 shocks with 200 joule possible
  • Compatible with other corpuls products (corPatch electrodes, corPatch CPR feedback sensor, software)

1.9 kg
Basic equipment incl. battery

Operating temperature
-10 °C to +55 °C
CPR only mode -20 °C to +55 °C

25.4 cm (H) × 21.9 cm (W) × 5.9 cm (D)


  • 4.3" colour display, backlit
  • Display of DE lead and corPatch CPR* feedback curve (semi-automatic)
  • Display of heart frequency and corPatch CPR* feedback frequency (semi-automatic)
  • Pictograms with instructions
  • Instructions in text form

corpuls aed Monitor


  • Fully automatic: Analysis and shocking without user interaction
  • Semi-automatic: Automatic analysis (manual analysis start can be configured) and shocking by user

*: corPatch CPR is a licensed product of the ZOLL Medical Corporation.

corpuls aed Defibrillatoren variants

Rescue chain

The corpuls aed in the rescue chain

An automated external defibrillator is a vital part of the rescue chain. The new corpuls aed safely guides responders through the guideline-conform procedure and reduces the time until further responders are alarmed when used immediately thanks to the integrated GSM module (optional).
The hands-free function additionally allows responders to perform an instructed reanimation with assistance from the switchboard staff
The corPatch electrodes and the corPatch CPR feedback sensor can be used on all other corpuls devices.

corpuls aed in the rescue chain

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