corpuls cpr

A strong arm that saves lives

With the corpuls cpr, we have created a unique thorax compression device. Unique, because it is optimally suited for use in the heart catheter lab thanks to the radiotransparency of the boards. Unique, because it provides unrestricted access to the thorax while performing the reanimation thanks to its single-arm design. Unique, because the corpuls cpr is the only device on the market that is also approved for children from the age of 8.


Use in the hospital

The corpuls cpr enables the therapy in the hospital while the reanimation is still in progress:

  • The boards consist of a radioluminescent material to prevent artefacts on the X-ray image
  • The corpuls cpr grants free access to the patient's thorax at all times
corpuls cpr deployment in hospital


The clearly structured colour display and the central soft keys support intuitive use:

  • Reanimation modi in conformity with the currently valid ERC/AHA guidelines
  • Adaptation of pressure depth and pressure frequency also possible while the therapy is in progress

corpuls cpr user-friendly operation

Use in the emergency services

The corpuls cpr ensures fully automatic, fatigue-proof thorax compression:

  • Fast and secure adjustment allows fast switching to thorax compression by machine
  • After each respiration break or after 100 compressions (continuous mode), the corpuls cpr checks the stamp position after each therapy. If the thorax has collapsed due to the previous compressions, the corpuls cpr automatically compensates a possible height difference between the stamp and the thorax.

corpuls cpr deployment in EMS


The stamps of the corpuls cpr can be easily disinfected and therefore used repeatedly. In addition, the stamps are available in two sizes.

corpuls cpr re-usable stamps


Always at hand: The custom-tailored PAX® bag. Besides the corpuls cpr arm, it also contains all accessories, such as the board, spare battery, stamp and mains adapter immediately ready for use.

corpuls cpr with bagpack


corpuls cpr


  • 2.4'' LED colour display, illuminated
  • Well-designed audio-visual alarm system
  • Saving of incident data on the SD card
  • Bluetooth (for data exchange with corpuls3)
  • NFC (for fast pairing)

  • RTCA DO 160 G (selected sections)
  • Operating volume: approx. 70 dB
  • Dust and water spray protected (IP54)
  • Power supply: 12–33 V DC (on-board voltage), 100–240 V AC (mains voltage 50–60 Hz)

corpuls cpr (arm with stamp and battery):

5.5 kg

Operating temperatures
-20 °C to +45 °C

43 cm (H) × 45 cm (W) × 9 cm (D)

Pressure parameters

  • Pressure frequency: 80 to 120 compressions/min (individually adjustable in increments of 1 compression/min)
  • Pressure depth: 2 to 6 cm (individually adjustable in increments of 0.1 cm)
  • Therapy mode: 30:2 / 15:2 / continuous

corpuls cpr Druckparameter

Patient parameters

  • Thorax height: 14 to 34 cm
  • No restrictions regarding the patient's weight and breadth of thorax.

corpuls cpr Patient parameters

Operating parameters

  • Power unit: electric
  • Lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery
  • Battery runtime: 90 min (typical)
  • Display of the remaining runtime in minutes
  • LED display of the charge state in 20% increments on the battery
  • Battery charging time via magnetic plug (no therapy):
    approx. 105 min 0–80%
    approx. 30 min 80-100%
  • Intuitive user interface:
    Therapy start/stop button with alarm function and 4 soft keys
  • Simultaneous display of operating mode, pressure depth, pressure frequency, time/therapy time/remaining battery time in minutes/percent
  • Battery service life: at most 300 load cycles

corpuls cpr Betriebsparameter

Reanimation boards

Compressions without compromises

With the two joints and the extendible arm, the corpuls cpr can be adapted to the patient in just a few seconds and the pressure point can be optimally aligned. The optimum pressure point is maintained throughout the therapy. Pressure depth, frequency and mode can be varied at any time if required.
Three different radiotranslucent boards are available for application of the corpuls cpr:


The radiotranslucent recboard was developed for pre-hospital treatment. With the specially developed attachment straps, it can be fixed onto any standard stretcher system. Thanks to the symmetrical shape, the recboard provides absolute flexibility when positioning the arm. The cpr arm can be placed across the shoulders or on the side of the patient.

2.2 kg

47 cm (H) × 47 cm (W) × 3.5 cm (D)

corpuls cpr Recboard


The quadboard was designed for in-hospital use. It is radiotranslucent, easy to disinfect and quickly placed beneath the patient with the handle.

1.7 kg

46 cm (H) × 46 cm (W) × 13 cm (D)

corpuls cpr Quadboard


Specially designed for use with a scoop stretcher or vacuum mattress, the scoopboard is the lightest corpuls board for the preclinical sector. Just like the recboard and the quadboard, the scoopboard is made of a radiotranslucent carbon fibre compound material. The recboard has the same multifunctional securing straps as the scoopboard.

1.7 kg

45.8 cm (H) × 34.7 cm (W) × 8.5 cm (D)

corpuls cpr Scoopboard

Synchronised Therapy

Resuscitation can quickly become stressful. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the corpuls cpr is effectively the fourth module of the corpuls3T / corpuls3. The team is supported by the remote control of the corpuls cpr via the corpuls3T / corpuls3. Treatment can be safer and the hands-off time reduced thus increasing the patient's chance of survival.

  • Shorter Hands-off time
  • Perfect in tight spaces and during transport (land/air)
  • Easier and faster operation
  • Increased safety
  • Data transmission to corpuls3T as well as corpuls.mission and corpuls.manager
  • Can be used in aed- & manual modes
  • From software version 4.0 (corpuls3) & software version 1.2 (corpuls cpr

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