Hospital in Iran: Saving a life is priceless

What comes first into your mind, when you think about Iran? Here might be something new: This is a story straight out of everyday day life in an Iranian hospital. Take a look behind the newspapers’ headlines about this country inside the

Have you ever been to the Middle East? Have you ever had contact to the oriental way of life? If not, you might think of a mixture of news from international media about the country and a little more romantic thinking about bazars, the Arabic belly dancing called “Raks Sharki” or even of the tasty cuisine.


When we at corpuls think about Iran, we think about the 75 million citizens and our corpuls products used in emergency services and hospitals there. And as the population is rapidly growing, new towns are established and new hospitals must be built.

In 2016, the hospital of Birjand was opened, which is connected to the Medical Science University of Birjand in the eastern part of Iran, 50 miles close to the border to Afghanistan. And new hospitals need new equipment. In Iran, the purchase of all those medical devices is organized by a non-governmental public organization, called Heyat Omana Arzi (HOA). As the emergency department should get equipped with new Monitor-Defibrillator-Devices, our local partner from Eshtoodkar Co., Nastaran Farokhdoost, got invited by HOA to join a meeting about purchasing new monitor devices for this hospital.


As you might expect, there were not only corpuls representatives. They all promoted their devices by catalogue, but Nastaran Farokhdoost knows how to convince a physician. Her intuition made her to bring along a brand new corpuls3, so that the decision-makers had the chance to enjoy all those special features of the corpuls3 ­– as the revolutionary splitable device concept.

It didn’t take long for the people of HOA to realize that the corpuls3 was the kind of device they were looking for. Then suddenly one of the competitors asked: “So…why don’t you tell them the price of your device?”

As there are so many possible customizations for a corpuls3, this question is not answered easily. And even if a price range would be a correct response, the best possible answer was given by a representative of the Medical Science University of Birjand. It was given by Doctor Golrou, the manager of biomedical instruments, who taught all people at that meeting a lesson. Dr. Golrou said:

“What we care more about is the life of the people we can save – not the price differences.”

When reading Nastaran’s lines for the first time, we exactly felt the same here at corpuls, what Miss Farokhdoost described to us in her letter: “That’s when I felt deeply satisfied with my job and found more motivation to continue my path, because saving people’s life is what matters the most.”

This is something we should always remember. It’s not about the money in medical care. It’s about saving lives. We all must act economically but never forget: Saving a life is priceless!

Die Notaufnahme wird mit neuen Monitor-Defibrillator-Geräten ausgestattet
Die Notaufnahme wird mit neuen Monitor-Defibrillator-Geräten ausgestattet
© Nastaran Farokhdoost

Thanks to Nastaran Farokhdoost of EshtoodkarCo. for sharing this story about corpuls with our community. We are proud, that we were allowed to deliver 15 corpuls3 to Birjand Medical University a few days ago.

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