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Handy, robust and intuitive

The new corpuls aed safely guides experts and non-experts through life-saving resuscitation. The defibrillator is available as a fully automated or semi-automated version and also comes with an optional, built-in GSM module. This allows emergency calls to be triggered directly via the corpuls aed and the control center dispatcher to guide the resuscitation over the telephone.

Ready for action – whenever it’s needed

With its low weight and compact dimensions, the corpuls aed is the ideal addition to any emergency equipment. A long battery life of 5 years (depending on setting) and automatic self-testing guarantee reliability.

Speakerphone function

The new corpuls aed also comes with an optional, built-in GSM module that triggers an advance emergency call at the start of resuscitation. This makes the Job easier for first-aiders who are alone. Moreover, the dispatcher on the telephone can support the resuscitation and glean valuable information for the arriving emergency personnel.

Support for first-aiders

The corPatch CPR feedback sensor is adhered to the pressure point and measures the frequency and depth of pressure. The quality of compressions is shown clearly on the display and is kept constant by means of voice messages. The integrated smartMetronome provides users with the correct rhythm and changes the tone when respiration breaks are needed.

Central management and simple assessment

The wireless connection allows multiple corpuls aed devices to be managed centrally and simply over WIFI via the corpuls.web MANAGER. Key features of the device include calling up the device status, modifying the configurations and uploading updates. The recorded data can be quickly exported and read with the corpuls.web REVIEW software.

General Specifications

  • Protection against dust and strong jet water according to IP66
  • Vibration and impact resistant to DIN EN1789
  • RTCA DO 160 G – Aircraft approval (selected sections)
  • Operating temperature range: –10 °C to +55 °C (CPR only mode -20 °C to +55 °C)
  • GSM emergency call with speakerphone function (optional)
  • Speaker and microphone
  • Voice recording
  • Lithium metal battery
    Standby time: CPR only mode: 12-15 operating hours or 220 shocks
    AED mode: 4.8 h with 175 shocks
  • Compatible with other corpuls products ((corPatch electrodes, corPatch CPR feedback sensor, software)

corPatch CPR is a licensed product of ZOLL Medical Corporation.


approx. 1,9 kg / 4,2 pounds


25,4 cm × 21,9 cm × 5,9 cm / 10" x 8.6" x 2.3"


  • 4,3″ colour display, back-lit
  • Display of up to 2 curves
    (DE channel and corPatch CPR and feedback curve
  • Display of up to 2 vital parameters (Heart frequency and corPatch CPR feedback frequency
  • Pictograms with instructions
  • Instructions in text format

Defibrillator (2 variants)

  • Fully automated: Analysis and shock application without user interaction
  • Semi-automated: Automatic analysis (configurable manual analysis start) and shock application by the user

The corpuls aed in the rescue chain

An automated external defibrillator is a crucial link in the rescue chain. The new corpuls aed guides the first-aider through the correct procedure and reduces at immediate use the time to alert other personnel using the optional built-in GSM module.
The speakerphone function also allows guided resuscitation to be carried out with the support of control centre staff.
The corPatch electrodes and the corPatch CPR feedback sensor can be reused on other corpuls devices.


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