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Find exciting articles from all around the world of our products and valuable tips to help you with your daily work as an EMT, working inside a hospital, at the fire department or in the doctor's office. Since corpuls is focused on You, the people risking their lifes to save others, we have compiled personal notes for you in our corpuls Life section, to make your life as a #NoHero easier.

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Diesel and dust – 2.500 kilometers of dust

“If you want to survive in the dunes you must follow the stinky camel droppings!” - “Eh?” Maurice could not shake off the feeling that the oddball from Denmark with his run-down Subaru was pulling his leg. But ...

corpuls rugged: special operation diving accident

The fascination of diving always involves a certain level of risk. Even experienced divers who have already been pursuing this sport for decades, either in their spare time or on a professional basis, and have ...

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Hope from above

It’s an incomparable sound, sometimes a buzzing, sometimes a knocking, occasionally underlined by the slight hissing of a turbine. In any case, in our part of the world the noise, the last 75 years, always mean...

“Aberhonddu in Cymru”

“Normans”. Fearfully, Arwyn gazes south towards Pen y Fan. Unmistakeably, a fire is burning up there on the summit of the region’s highest mountain. It’s a signal. A warning by his fellow countrymen to the inha...

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The best health tips for EMTs, RNs & Doctors

It is your daily fight – the fight for the lives and the health of your fellow men. But you always neglect your own health. STOP! These eight tips will help workers in the police force, the fire brigade and the...

Nutrition tips for night and shift workers

You are looking for nutrition tips for shift workers? You go to work when others are just getting home? Do you eat a warmed up meal while your partner is fast asleep because you have to work a night shift a...

Top 10 Tips for your Stethoscope (Buy & Use)

The stethoscope is probably the most important tool of daily medical practice. Although all stethoscopes are intended to serve the same purpose of providing sounds of the sounds, modern stethoscopes differ sign...

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corpuls aed – don’t call it PAD

The AED. Reinvented by corpuls. The Bavarian innovation hub corpuls has two world-renowned universal defibrillators in its range: the corpuls1 and the corpuls3. But the market wants more; or rather, less. In m...

Telemedical Drone Project Debuts in Mississippi (USA)

Technology demonstration showcases life-saving capabilities of medical disaster drones in a simulated active shooter scenario; gives emergency physicians rapid response capabilities-eyes, ears, and voice to remotely treat victims of disaster and terrorism



I AM NO HERO – That’s my job

A considerable number of former and volunteer rescue workers also work for us. So we are aware that authentic rescue workers would rather save lives than pose. The same goes for us. We show the genuine peopl...