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The tireless arm that saves lives

The corpuls cpr has established a new generation of chest compression devices for Emergency Medical Services and hospitals for the best possible patient care.

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Deployment in hospital

With the corpuls cpr therapy is possible even during resuscitation:

  • The different boards are all made of radiolucent material so coronary angiographies can be performed during resuscitation without disturbing artefacts
  • The corpuls cpr offers easy access to the patient’s thorax
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User-friendly operation

With the clearly arranged color display, the central start/stop button and the softkeys, the device can be operated intuitively:

  • Resuscitation modes compliant to the current ERC/AHA Guidelines
  • Adjustment of mode, compression depth and compression rate during therapy.

Deployment in EMS

By supplying fully automated chest compressions, the corpuls cpr ensures less strain on rescue workers:

  • The simple and safe positioning of the corpuls cpr makes it possible to switch from manual to mechanical chest compression with short interruptions.
  • The corpuls cpr checks the position of the stamp after each ventilation break or 100 compressions (continuous mode) and compensates a sunken thorax.
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Re-usable stamps

The stamps of the corpuls cpr can be disinfected and used for more than one patient. They are available in two sizes.


Storage for all corpuls cpr accessories including the Recboard or Quadboard.

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General Specifications

  • Color display 2.4‘‘ with LED backlighting
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +45 °C
  • Dust and splash proof (IP54)
  • Power supply: 12-33V DC (on-board power), 110-240V AC (Mains 50-60 Hz)
  • Operating noise: 70 dB
  • Data interface: SDTM card
  • Integrated alarm management
  • RTCA DO 160 (in preparation)

corpuls cpr-Arm mit Stempel/Akku:


5,5 kg


45 cm × 43 cm × 9 cm



2,2 kg


47 cm × 47 cm × 3,5 cm



1,7 kg


46 cm × 46 cm × 13 cm

corpuls cpr im Showroom mit Spiegelung

Compression Parameters

  • Compression frequency: 80 to 120 compressions/min (adjustable in increments of 1 compressions/min)
  • Compression depth: 2 to 6 cm (individually adjustable in increments of 0.1 cm)
  • Therapy mode: 30:2 / 15:2 / continuous (secure airway)
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Patient parameters

  • Chest Height: 14 to 34 cm
  • Chest width: up to 48 cm
  • No restriction on the weight of the patient
corpuls cpr Patientenparameter Thoraxkompression

Operating parameters

  • Power source: electric
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
  • Operating time 90 minutes (typical)
  • Displays the remaining run time in minutes
  • LED indication of battery charge level in 20% increments
  • Battery charging time (via magnetic connector, no therapy):
    105 min 0-80%
    30 min 80-100%
  • Intuitive user interface: Therapy start/stop button with alarm and 4 softkeys
  • Simultaneous display of operating mode, compression depth, compression rate, time/therapy time and remaining runtime of the battery shown in minutes and percentage
  • Minimum number of charging cycles: at least 300 cycles
corpuls cpr Betriebsparameter Akku

Compressions without compromises

With two joints and a height adjustable arm the corpuls cpr can be quickly adapted to the patient‘s body. It guarantees the optimal pressure point during therapy. Compression depth and mode can be easily adjusted. For optimal effectiveness, two different radiolucent boards are available.


The Recboard was built for the pre-hospital use. It can be fixed securely to most stretchers with its attachement straps.

corpuls cpr Recboard
corpuls cpr Quadboard


Designed for clinical use, the Quadboard is radiolucent and easy to disinfect. Thanks to the big handle it can be positioned in seconds.


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