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A revolutionary device concept

The corpuls3 offers a unique and revolutionary device concept.

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Three modules, flexible applicable

The corpuls3 offers a unique and revolutionary device concept. The patient monitor with integrated defibrillator/pacer is distinguished from all other compact devices by its modular design.
It can be taken apart into:

corpuls3 Modul Monitoreinheit

Monitoring unit

corpuls3 Modul Patientenbox

Patient box

corpuls3 Modul Defibrillator Schrittmacher mit Griff

Defibrillator/pacer SLIM

General Specifications

  • Intuitive and safe operation for extensive monitoring, diagnosis and therapy
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of critical patients in the emergency room, during transport within the hospital, during medical examinations
    (e.g. CT) and in the ICU
  • 12-lead ECG with measurement, interpretation support and large printer for reliable diagnosis
  • Internal shock spoons in three different sizes 46,6 cm2, 18,25 cm2, 11 cm2
  • Extremely high dust and splash protection in accordance with IP55
  • Reliable operation at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +55 °C (basic functions: ECG monitoring, defibrillation)
  • Fulfillment of the standard MIL STD 810 G (US military standard)
  • Fulfillment of the valid internationally standard RTCA DO 160 G (Airborne Equipment)(RTCA DO 160 G)
  • Use in conjunction with night vision goggles possible (NVG mode)

6,0 kg
(SLIM, basic configuration)


29,6 cm × 30,5 cm × 19,5 cm (SLIM)

corpuls3 Showroom Spiegelung 3 Module

Monitoring unit –
Maximum mobility, easy to operate, quick diagnosis

The monitoring unit not only serves to display all curves and vital parameters, but is at the same time the operating interface of the corpuls3. The intuitive user interface supports the user and facilitates operations during each mission. The functionally shaped handle and the all-around shock protection furthermore ensure that the lightweight monitor withstands even the toughest conditions.

  • 8.4″ colour display, transflective, backlit
  • 6 traces/13 vitalparameters
  • All-around impact protection
  • Printer: paper width 106 mm, paper length 22 m

2,7 kg


29,5 cm × 30,5 cm × 12 cm

Patient box –
Uninterrupted monitoring from the EMS-site to the hospital

The patient box is responsible for transmission and analysis of the ECG signals and sensor signals. The lightweight module along with its pre-connected sensors and cables, stored in spacious accessory bags, can remain directly with the patient. Thus, the patient can be continuously monitored even while being transferred.

  • corPatch CPR feedback sensor
  • 12 lead diagnostic ECG, HR, RR, NIBP, CO2, 4xIBP, 2xTEMP, SpO2, PP, PI, SpCO, SpMet, SpHb
  • CompactFlash® storage
  • Acoustic alarm; microphone for voice recording
  • Accessory bag for cables and sensors

corPatch CPR is a product licensed by ZOLL Medical Corporation.


1,0 bis 1,3 kg
(exkl. Zubehör)


13,5 cm × 26,5 cm × 5,5 cm

Defibrillator/pacer SLIM –
Optimised in terms of ergonomics and flexibility during missions

The modular design of the corpuls3 allows the complete undocking of the defibrillator/pacer. This saves weight on the one hand, while on the other hand shocks can be emitted from a safe distance via the monitoring unit (in conjunction with corPatch therapy electrodes).

  • Biphasic, rectangular waveform, full impedance compensation
  • AED protocol according to the current ERC/AHA guidelines
  • 2 to 200 Joules, configurable energy protocol
  • smartMetronome

Defibrillator/pacer SLIM

  • AED and manual defibrillator
  • 1-2-3 Handling
  • Pre-connected corPatch therapy electrodes in own bag
  • Use with hard paddles as well as internal shock paddles possible
  • Pacer with 3 modes (FIX, DEMAND, OVERDRIVE)

2,3 kg


22 cm x 28 cm x 12 cm

Defibrillator/pacer with hardpaddles

  • Patented safety shockpaddles
  • 1-2-3 Handling
  • Use with hard paddles as well as internal shock paddles possible
  • Pacer with 3 modes (FIX-mode, DEMAND-mode, OVERDRIVE-mode for Ramp-Down Pacing (max. 300/min); Stimulation with corPatch therapy electrodes; Intensity 0 to 150 mA, Frequency 30 to 150/min
  • 30° tiltable

3,7 kg


29 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm

Emergency medical service

Person stuck in a vehicle after a road accident; resuscitation in the narrow bathroom; buried person or transportation through a staircase. In the emergency medical service not only the missions are very manifold, but so also are the requirements for personnel and equipment. Due to its modular concept the corpuls3 offers a high degree of ergonomics and flexibility in nearly every situation.

corpuls3 module im einsatz paramedics transporting patient to ambulance
corpuls3 Militaer Feldeinsatz


Whether in difficult terrain, in deep snow or in a sandstorm: the corpuls3 reliably delivers even in the most adverse weather conditions and is therefore the ideal patient monitor/defibrillator for military use.

Air rescue

Almost every patient who is transported in a helicopter or an airplane is in a critical condition and has to be monitored continuously and comprehensively – time pressure, extremely confined space and loud volume greatly increases the stress factor for the personnel. The innovative concept of the corpuls3 optimally supports the user.

corpuls3 Luftrettung über dem Meer


In the hospital setting the corpuls3 can be used in any area due to its versatility. A modular transport monitor of intensive care patients, resuscitation in the emergency room or patient monitoring while undergoing CT scan are just a few examples of the fields of application of the corpuls3.

Elaborated energy management

For the secure and failure-free operation the corpuls3 has a sophisticated energy management with big benefits:

  • Operating temperature: −20 °C bis +55 °C
  • Power supply 12 V DC or 100 to 250 V AC with mains adapter by magnetic plug
  • Battery life of up to 10 hours when used as a compact device
  • Complete battery charge in approx. 2 hours
  • Remaining run time in minutes
corpuls3 Energiemanagement Monitor Ausschnitt

Remaining time display

corpuls3 Energiemanagement Stecker Ausschnitt

Magnetic plug for power supply

Flexible brackets

Take the corpuls3 always ready-to-use out of the bracket in the ambulance. Once the device is back in the bracket, the batteries are charged automatically and the corpuls3 is ready for the next mission. Just forget the time-consuming usage of external chargers and exchange of batteries. With the corpuls3 the user can instead focus entirely on the patient.

The handy and identical batteries of the three modules are also extremely powerful and use in compact mode the battery reserves of the other modules.

corpuls3 Energiemanagement Halterung Monitor

Display bracket

corpuls3 Energiemanagement Halterung Patientenbox

Patient box bracket

corpuls3 Energiemanagement Halterung Defibrillator Kompaktgerät

Compactdevice / Defibrillator

corpuls3 Monitoring Ausladen aus dem Rettungswagen Rotes Kreuz


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