The next generation of corpuls3


Three modules, flexible application

The corpuls3 is not only a device – it is a 3 module system:

Monitoring unit

patient box

Defibrillator / pacer

The built-in connectivity functions such as 4G modem, WLAN or LAN are ideal for telemedicine and the corpuls communication platform corpuls.mission.

Modular and unique

  • Constant Monitoring From the mission site to the hospital
  • Constant monitoring from a safe distance (for example in CT)
  • Better ergonomics for patient transport by separating the modules
  • Increases patient safety by recording and storing parameters in direct proximity to patients
  • More flexibility at the mission site due to the separation of different tasks: Display, data recording and therapy
corpuls3 Module: Monitoreinheit, Patientenbox und Defibrillator/Schrittmacher


  • Transflective 8.4’’ Touch-Display
  • Wide printer (106 mm)
  •  Weight: 6.5 kg (corpuls3T in basic configuration)
  • Dimensions of complete device (WxHxD): 30.5 cm x 29.6 cm x 19.5 cm (corpuls3 SLIM CLASSIC & TOUCH)
  • Extremely high dust and splash protection (IP55)
  • Operation range: –20 °C bis +55 °C (basic functions: ECG monitoring, defibrillation)
  • DIN EN 1789
  • Conforms with selected sections of the international Standard for Airborne Equipment RTCA DO 160 G
  • Conforms with selected sections of the US Military Standard MIL STD 810

Monitoring Unit

The Monitoring Unit is the control centre of the corpuls3T. At just 2.9 kg, including the battery and printer paper, it is about as thick as a newspaper and can be comfortably held in one hand.

corpuls3 Monitoreinheit mit Taschen

Up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters can be displayed simultaneously on the brilliant 8.4" display. Fully customisable, freely namable and – in case of the NIBP display – with quality indicator. In addition, up to 6 curves can be printed in real time.


For the corpuls3T, we have implemented a new operating concept – with the aim of combining the best of the two operating worlds.
The result: TOUCH N' DIAL

  • On the one hand, classic operation using buttons and JogDial
  • On the other hand, intuitive operation using touch.

Because there are missions where either one or the other mode works more reliably. This is the exact aim of this concept: optimal operation at the right moment. And in the end, it is also a safety aspect: If touch does not work as expected, operation via buttons and JogDial is always possible, especially in the case of a resuscitation.


Not all touchscreens are created equal. The more demanding the circumstances, the more this statement applies. That is why we rely on the last generation of touch controllers. Thus,
making the corpuls3T's touch display

  • insensitive to liquids
  • safe to operate with disposable gloves.

Together with the high-quality bonded display, you get a device with optimal contrast, little reflection and therefore the best possible usability.



  • Up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters
  • Diagnostic 12-lead ECG preview
  • Quick access to important menu items via 7 softkeys and function buttons
  • 1-2-3 operation in defibrillation modes
  • Wide printer (106mm) with simultaneous real-time printout of up to 6 curves
  • 4G modem, WLAN or LAN port for data transmission/telemedicine
  • All-around impact protection

2.9 kg

30.5 cm (W) x 29.5 cm (H) × 12 cm (D)

Patient Box

The Patient Box is the "heart" of the system. Here, all vital parameters and measured values are collected, measured and stored. Values recorded via pre-connected sensors are sent wirelessly and in real time to the monitoring unit. There they are displayed and/or processed
corpuls3 Patientenbox

Due to its low weight (between 1.1–1.4 kg depending on equipment), the patient box is so compact that it can remain with the patient for transport. This also means that all the sensors and cables can remain with the patient. Thus keeping them out of the way and enabling seamless monitoring during patient transport – e.g. through a narrow staircase.


The Patient Box can be operated completely independently. The backlit monochrome display enables patient observation even without a Monitoring Unit (including voice recording and acoustic alarm). All data is saved for transfer later.


What would the heart of the system be without the optimal packaging? A well thought-out accessory bag for all cables and sensors brings calmness and ease to a stressful job. Together with PAX® we have optimised and improved the accessory bag based on our experience over the past few years. The new Patient Box Bag XL offers even more storage space, especially for additional NIBP cuffs and CO2 cuvettes. If you operate the corpuls3 / corpuls3T in a basic configuration, the standard version is still available.


  • 12-lead diagnostic ECG, heart rate
  • ECG-Analysis and Information Software
  • Masimo Rainbow SET® Technology for SpO2, PP, PI, SpCO, SpMet, SpHb
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (SunTech®)
  • Capnography with mainstream technology capONE®
  • 2 channels for temperature measurement
  • 4 channels for invasive pressure measurement
  • Display for vital parameters, remaining time and alarms
  • Acoustic alarm indicator
  • Microphone for audio recording
  • Bluetooth and CompactFlash®

1.1 - 1.4 kg

26.5 cm (W) x 13.5 cm (H) × 5.5 cm (D)

Defibrillator / Pacer

The modular design of the corpuls3T allows complete mechanical separation of the Defibrillator/Pacer. The modules remain wirelessly connected. As a result, the weight of the corpuls3T system can be significantly reduced – ideal for better mobility and flexibility in a time-critical transfer of the patient e.g. from ambulance to hospital. This allows shock delivery from a safe distance via the Monitoring Unit (using corPatch therapy electrodes).

Defibrillator / Schrittmacher SLIM


  • Biphasic, rectangular waveform, impedance compensated
  • 2 to 200 Joule, configurable energy protocol
  • AED and manual defibrillator
  • AED protocol according to the current Guidelines, update-able anytime
  • Pacer with FIX-, DEMAND- and OVERDRIVE mode
  • Pre-connected corPatch therapy electrodes in separate bag
  • Up to 200 shocks with fully charged battery
  • Use with hard paddles as well as internal shock spoons also possible

2.5 kg

28 cm (W) × 22 cm (H) × 12 cm (D)


To increase the quality of resuscitation, the corpuls3 is equipped with CPR feedback. For this purpose, the primeCPR feedback sensor is placed on the lower half of the sternum. It measures the pressure frequency and depth of the chest compressions during resuscitation. Depending on the configuration, the quality of the chest compressions is shown on the display (bar graphs) and improved by voice guidance.1 The bar graph shows the pressure depth and quality of the chest compressions. This view serves as support and feedback for the rescuer.2

1 Quelle: F. Lakomek et al.: Real-time feedback improves chest compression quality in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A prospective cohort study

2 only when using the primeCPR feedback sensor. The reusable sensor is an OEM product from Schiller AG.


The primeCPR feedback sensor as a reusable sensor2 is made of robust plastic. It can be easily disinfected and reprocessed according to the hygiene plan.

primeCPR easy-Feedbacksensor

Optionally the primeCPR easy feedback sensor is available as a disposable product with an intermediate cable.

Synchronised Therapy

Resuscitation can quickly become stressful. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the corpuls cpr is effectively the fourth module of the corpuls3T. The team is supported by the remote control of the corpuls cpr via the corpuls3T. Treatment can be safer and the hands-off time reduced thus increasing the patient's chance of survival.

  • Shorter Hands-off time
  • Perfect in tight spaces and during transport (land/air)
  • Easier and faster operation
  • Increased safety
  • Data transmission to corpuls3T as well as corpuls.mission andcorpuls.manager
  • Can be used in aed- & manual modes
  • From software version 4.0 (corpuls3) & software version 1.2 (corpuls cpr)

Sophisticated energy management

The best energy management is the one you don't have to think about. This is precisely the optimum we have achieved with the corpuls3T energy management.

When you take the corpuls3T out of the charge mount in the vehicle it is ready for operation. As soon as the device is returned to the mount the batteries are charged automatically and the corpuls3T is ready for its next job. Time-consuming and fault-prone manual charging and changing of batteries is not required and the user can fully concentrate on the patient.

The batteries of all three modules are identical and extremely powerful. In compact mode, they simply use the battery reserves of the other modules. This concept always provides sufficient power even in long deployments to ensure comprehensive monitoring and the therapy with the defibrillator/pacer.

  • Battery life of up to 10 hours as a compact device
  • A complete charge of the batteries in the device takes approximately 2 hours
  • Display of the remaining battery life on the monitor's display and on the patient box
  • Charging via 12 V DC or 100V AC - 240V AC (50 Hz - 60 Hz) via magnetic contact (MagCode)
  • Operation as a compact device even if up to two batteries are discharged
Display of the remaining battery life in minutes
Display of the remaining battery life in minutes
Power supply via MagCode plug
Power supply via MagCode plug

Versatile brackets

There are solutions for each application: Brackets on the wall and floor, with or without swivel mechanism or safe attachment on the stretchers by different manufacturers. Almost all mounts are in conformity with DIN EN 1789 and have been tested with an acceleration of up to 24 g instead of the specified 10 g. The brackets are also available with or without integrated power supply.

Monitor bracket
Monitor bracket
  • Shallow installation depth, low weight
  • Also fits monitor and patient box combinations
  • 12 V DC, 100V AC - 240V AC (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Patient Box bracket
Patient Box bracket
  • Adaptation options to standard stretchers with wheels
  • Easy adaptation and unlocking
  • 12 V DC, 100V AC - 240V AC (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Compact device / defibrillator bracket
Compact device / defibrillator bracket
  • Can be unlocked with one hand via the handle
  • Self-locking after 10 seconds
  • 12 V DC, 100V AC - 240V AC (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
corpuls3 flexible Halterungen, z.B. für den Einsatz im Rettungswagen

Versatile application fields

Emergency medical service

People trapped in cars after a traffic accident, reanimation in a small bathroom, trapped survivors or transport through a staircase – emergency medical service calls are very versatile just as the demands on personnel and devices. With its modular design, the corpuls3T offers an optimum degree of ergonomics and flexibility in almost any situation.

corpuls3 Module im Einsatz beim Rettungsdienst


Regardless of whether in rough terrain, in deep snow or in a sandstorm: the corpuls3T reliably provides extensive patient data even in the most adverse weather conditions and most versatile application situations. It is therefore the ideal patient monitor/defibrillator for military use.

corpuls3 Module im Einsatz beim Militär

Air rescue

Almost every patient who is transported in a helicopter or aeroplane is in critical condition and must be permanently and extensively monitored. The stress factor increases enormously due to time pressure, tight spatial conditions and loud volume. The innovative device concept of the corpuls3 optimally supports the response staff.

corpuls3 Module im Einsatz in der Luftrettung


In a hospital environment the corpuls3T can be applied in almost any area due to its versatility: as a modular transport monitor for intensive care patients, as a 12-channel rest ECG device in the emergency room or as a defibrillator that is integrated in the hospital's reanimation concept.

corpuls3 Module im Einsatz im Klinikumfeld

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